Our Kingdom Culture

When we recognize Jesus as King and Lord of our lives and our thoughts, actions, and words reflect Him, we produce a Kingdom culture.

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Kingdom culture is rooted in God’s word fueled through His Holy Spirit.

We exemplify Kingdom culture through our attitudes, behaviors, customs, and language. To “Be Tectonic” is to live life and interact with others through a Kingdom worldview.

Kingdom culture member guide.

Real-Life Testimonies.

We share testimonies because they are a powerful way to relate to how God works in and through our lives. So go ahead, don’t be shy, and encourage others with what He has done for you on Tectonic.

Kingdom Social Media

We endeavor to foster unity in the Body of Christ in places we spend most of our time -- the marketplace and at home.

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With smartphones so entrenched into the fabric of modern culture, we saw an opportunity to reach and connect the body of Christ effectively.  We intend to leverage the power of social media for good by catalyzing the Church into unity and action!

Testimony is what spreads hope through believers connected by the Tectonic app. It encourages the body of Christ and speaks to what is possible in and through a relationship with Christ. Tectons impart wisdom and life experience into other's lives.

Technology is our chosen avenue to reach people. The Tectonic app allows us to help others through groups inside the app and coordinate and communicate upcoming ministry events.


Kingdom Community

Kingdom is the realm in which God's will is fulfilled, and community is defined as a unified body of individuals. Acts chapter 2, verses 42-47, we see a unified group of people wanting to fulfill God's will. It was a dynamic that changed the world forever! We can learn from this and build and support Kingdom community.

The Tectonic Kingdom community is different races, backgrounds, men, and women coming under the Lordship of Jesus Christ to honor and help one another.  Tectonic is about friendships and discipleship, people encouraging one another into action to live out and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.


"The best way to change your life is to find people who've already achieved what you want and then model their behavior and actions."

John Rohn

Kingdom Economy

The Kingdom economy represents a Spirit-led worldview that shapes how we transact.  God wants to use our time and resources.  Obedience to Kingdom opportunity fosters sustainable collaboration and brings influence and transformation to our businesses, neighborhoods, city and nation through His people. In the economy of the Kingdom, we all have capital to invest, be it financial capital, intellectual capital, physical capital, relational capital, or spiritual capital.  

How are you investing the capital God has given you? 

Tectons come together to pool influence, resources, and unity through prayer, collaboration and action to affect positive change in local communities and the world- at-large.

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